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AI meets Hotstamping

Join us on a journey into the future.

The rise of ChatGPT is a pivotal starting point for seamlessly integrating AI into daily life. This marks just the beginning, where the possibilities are virtually limitless. You can witness the unveiling of new and innovative tools almost every day, each one refining and elevating the AI experience.

We wanted to venture beyond the realm of mere functionality – exploring the creative potential of AI. Join us on a captivating experiment as we infused artistic brilliance into the design of the 2023 edition of our poster series, a collaboration between ChatGPT and MidJourney.

Explore the evolution of creativity with AI

Since the rise of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword, permeating various industries. The question arises: Can AI be creative? We put it to the test.

AI's potential is just unfolding, offering nearly limitless possibilities. Innovative tools emerge daily, while existing ones continuously evolve. AI extends beyond text creation, venturing into image generation, producing both astonishingly realistic and occasionally flawed results. Embracing AI presents an opportunity to learn and innovate, despite occasional quirks like six fingers or peculiar facial features.

Text-to-picture AIs faced challenges, but today, they surpass expectations. Human-like brand ambassadors and influencers are crafted with AI, pushing the boundaries of design. Collaborating with MidJourney, we created the 2023 poster using a Discord-based tool. The MidJourney Bot, fueled by precise prompts, generated design drafts that were later scaled into higher resolutions.

Experimenting with AI communication, we used ChatGPT to formulate prompts for MidJourney, generating around 300 images swiftly. Precision in prompt wording proved crucial, guiding the AI to meet our creative vision. Our approach merged fashion, design, and jewelry with an underwater theme, prioritizing visual impact over realism.

Download the overview and delve into the mesmerizing stamping effects meticulously added to enhance the already extraordinary result.

It's not just about functionality.

It's about adding that extra touch of brilliance, that unmistakable bling that transforms the exceptional into the truly stunning.

Uncover the future of creativity in embellishment – download now! 

Can we simplify processes with AI?

Yes, but development, result control, post-processing, and production demanded time. Does AI threaten creative roles? Not entirely. AI enhances, not replaces, creatives. Smart integration streamlines workflows, outsourcing routine tasks and giving creatives space to explore new frontiers.

AI's role in the creative process is a catalyst for efficiency and quality, offering unprecedented opportunities. Creatives must wield AI wisely, contributing their unique talents to achieve exceptional results. AI augments creativity, unlocking uncharted possibilities and revolutionizing the way we approach design.