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Project of the month

Every month this is the place where we present a project with outstanding stamping effects, that we are proud of. And even more so - it is meant to demonstrate various options of exceptional embellishment, ideally inspiring you for your own project. 


Final project to become a certified technician / designer 

 The group of students contacted us for their project. They chose to reproduce an acrylic painting (10 x 10 cm) under the condition of serial manufacturing.

The team enquired about possibilities to simulate the brushstroke using stamping technology. With our expert team various options were discussed. Finally the brushstroke has been created with  a multilevel embossing die.

The end result, including the presentation on a specially designed easel, shows amazing optic and haptic effects!

Artist: Anke Franikowski
Project team: Lea Hegemann, Christian Bieräugel, Fabian Hassel, Malte Seliger