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Efficient stamping die setup systems

H+M offers two quick setup systems to minimise setup times. Both systems are suitable for all H+M stamping tools, from flat embossing to blind embossing or relief stamping.

Advantages of EasyFix and JobSaver plates:
•    All stamping dies for the entire sheet are already mounted and pre-positioned on the plate.
•    Corrections can be made quickly to compensate for printing tolerances or bowing through defined adjustment of tools.
•    Save time thanks to quick machine conversion times for substitute orders.

You can save up to 50% of setup time during initial setup of the embossing job, compared to a traditional process.

For recurring embossing jobs, you can even be ready to emboss within 20 minutes.


The EasyFix plate is fastened to the honeycomb base of your embossing machine. The package of carrier plate and die corresponds to the height of a standard die from H+M. This means you do not need to change your normal work process.

The plate can also be equipped with the H+M positioning system as an option. This means the die can be moved in 0.1 mm steps in any direction, in case of bowing or print tolerances.


The JobSaver plate has been developed for stamping machines from Gietz und Bobst. It is the same size as the machine base, since it replaces this. The carrier plate is made of steel or aluminium in different thicknesses, depending on the machine type.

The mounted brass stamps are a standard thickness, meaning they can easily be used on other embossing machines as well. This allows you to use your machine fleet with added flexibility.

H+M positioning system
for EasyFix

Stamping jobs practically set themselves up:

  • positioning buttons shift the die precisely on the plate to compensate for printing tolerances. 
  • magnetic pins for easy handling of the positioning buttons
  • honeycomb fixing pin to fix the plate on the honeycomb base before final attachment
  • zero point pin to easily find the zero point position for the die if needed