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Simple counter die transfer

Yin and Yang represent forces that complement one another. Neither has power over the other. Since elevating the one lowers the other accordingly, harmony can only be achieved through correct balance.

This is also true of transferring to stamping tools: to achieve the best possible results in relief or blind embossing, stamping die and counter die must fit together optimally and be custom-tailored to one another. At H+M, we work carefully to ensure this is the case. With the EasyPin Set, you can handle counter die transfers easily and always correctly.

EasyPin Set

The EasyPin counter die transfer technology guarantees the counter will be perfectly positioned to the stamping die.

The EasyPin pin and EasyPin spacer ensure reliable, simple transfer of the counter die. The specialised EasyPin pliers for removing the pins complete the set. This makes the system extremely easy to handle, and makes counter die transfers extremely simple for the user.