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Fast design changes

Do you have a product line that uses the same basic design layout, with just individual parts of the embossing motif changing from product to product? Stamping dies with exchangeable inserts are the perfect solution. 

If only the name of the wine on a label changes, for example, there is no need to produce multiple dies. Instead, one basic die is produced in which different inserts with the changing information can be mounted.

This does not only mean cost savings for stamping tools but also decreases setup time because the basic die stays in its initial position.

H+M exchangeable inserts are adjustable, which means that positioning can also be corrected quickly and easily.

We will check whether this technology can be used for your motif as part of our standard process, then inform you of this option if it is available to you.

Exchangeable inserts not only reduce costs for the stamping dies, but also let you change motifs in just seconds!

What needs to be considered

when creating the artwork file