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Blind embossing - high-quality feel


Blind embossing is created exclusively using a stamping die, with no other finishing materials. Simply moulding the material creates the desired result: areas, textures, reliefs, or illustrations. The interaction of light and shadow creates a first-class vivid impression.

However, blind embossing is not only a visual effect, but also appeals to the sense of touch. It gives your product a unique and high-value appearance.

The design of the motif, paper choice, and grammage influence how deep the embossing can be. Our experts will advise you on how to best implement your ideas.

Blind embossing can also be combined with most other stamping techniques. By this you set additional sophisticated accents.

From letterhead
to book binding

The use of this technique is highly diverse. The more voluminous the substrate is, the deeper the embossing can be applied. The embossing looks particularly striking on light and glossy substrates.

In addition to paper and cardboard, however, other materials can be embossed such as: leather, linen, velvet, or soft touch fabric. Add an additional special note to your product with blind embossing.

Relief Types

A variety of relief types can be integrated either embossed or debossed:

  • round relief
  • prismatic relief
  • flat relief
  • single-level
  • multi-level
  • sculptured
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Braille is a special type of blind embossing that requires specialised types of embossing tools. 

The embossing height and dot diameter are defined in Braille standards. H+M Braille embossing dies are designed for maximum embossed height and good perception, while ensuring that the paperboard surface does not split open.

Our standard catalogue already contains over 600 patterns and textures. And every day, we have new ideas for how to make our selection even larger for you.

Do you have a special design you want to create, instead of choosing from our catalogue? No problem! We will create it exclusively for you.

Contact us when you are planning your next project. To help you make your choice, we are happy to pre-select patterns and textures that meet your specifications.