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Flat embossing, as the basic type of hot foil embossing, can be used in most flexible ways. Whether your design consists of areas, logos, symbols, or other delicate patterns - flat embossing will give your product an elegant touch.

The stamping remains on the surface of the printed material, and effects are created by the contrast between glossy foil elements and the matte printed material. The paper or cardstock is not changed, and focus is placed solely on the visual effect.


Flat embossing can be used in a wide variety of different ways: on folding boxes, labels, greeting cards, business materials, printed products, and much more.

Depending on the characteristics of the material, a flat embossing stamping die can even be used to achieve a deeper embossing effect by adjusting the stamping pressure. We are happy to review whether this technique can be used for your stamping project.