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NanoEmbossing - a true "WOW" effect


Products with a unique “wow” effect get attention.
If you have already been impressed by fine MicroEmbossing effects, then you are going to be simply inspired by NanoEmbossing. This technique makes it possible to create textures that are up to 40% finer, along with other effects that no other embossing technology can match

It delivers astounding results and is the perfect way to add a unique highlight to your products.

Stamping die

Stamping result

design options
with NanoEmbossing

  • Highly realistic brushed effect
  • Matte / glossy gradients
  • Different degrees of satin finish
  • Razor sharp lenticular effects
  • Photographic effects
  • Improved security features


NanoEmbossing can be used to create razor sharp lenticular effects.

Lenticular stamping contains two different images that become visible or disappear depending on the angle at which they are viewed. This is accomplished with just a single stamping die.

In combination with other stamping effects it results in countless design options.

The creative possibilities are limitless. Make your product stand out! We can help you make sure you “wow” your target audience.

Our standard catalogue already contains over 600 patterns and textures. And every day, we have new ideas for how to make our selection even larger for you.

Do you have a special design you want to create, instead of choosing from our catalogue? No problem! We will create it exclusively for you.

Contact us when you are planning your next project. To help you make your choice, we are happy to pre-select patterns and textures that meet your specifications. 

How to prepare the artwork file

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