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File specification

Often you are working on projects with a tight timeline. If the data for the stamping die is prepared taking all specifications into account, production can start immediately and delivery time minimizes.

File specifications for the artwork:

  • All artwork sized 100%
  • Do not include masks
  • Convert all stroke & fill - to path/outline
  • Do not include compound masks
  • Do not apply line weight to paths
  • Do not include intersecting lines
  • If no text, indicate print side (right reading sight)
  • Indicate if you require crop or registration marks on the die
  • Save file with layers (one layer for each foil used and/or multilevel artwork)
  • Specify embossing style: round, flat or other
  • Indicate which areas flat stamp vs. emboss

Additionally your artwork should be saved at minimum 1200 dpi.

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