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How to order

Stamping dies

Send your request for quote for stamping dies to your local local contact or to info@hinderer-muehlich.de and we will quickly send our competitive offer.

You want to order directly? Please get in touch with your local contact or send all documents and information needed to info@hinderer-muehlich.de.

If you are ordering a die for blindembossing or relief stamping, please add the following information to define your project:

  • Are you planning a design in blindembossing, registered embossing or foil stamping?
  • Which substrate will you use (grammage, coated, labelmaterial etc.)?
  • Which stamping machine will be used for production?

Make-Ready Material

The H+M product range of Make-ready materials is carefully selected by our specialists.
Download the complete overview.

Please send your request for quote or order directly to your local contact or via e-mail to info@hinderer-muehlich.de.