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Taking responsibility

We cannot preserve the Earth's ecosystem with “business as usual”. H+M is aware of our responsibility for future generations, and is committed to sustainability, to do our part to save resources and stop climate change. We are constantly reviewing our production processes and develop solutions to save even more resources. Production waste of the two most important raw materials, brass and aluminum, that cannot be avoided, are recycled 100%.


  • We generate our own power using a 400-module photovoltaic system. It can generate around 55,000 kWh each year.
  • We reduce our electricity consumption by adjusting the air conditioning to working hours.
  • Heat recovery systems are installed in the exhaust systems in our production buildings. These reuse approx. 80 - 85% of the heat produced as fresh air. 
  • Toilets are operated partially using an in-house rainwater collection system.
  • Use of the eco-mode on our ventilation system saves up to 40% of the required energy.
  • We have switched our lamps to energy-saving LEDs. By dimming them during the daytime, additional energy savings of 25% are achieved.

in IT

  • By converting primarily to virtual servers, we require less real equipment and save approx. 50% of the necessary energy.
  • We are replacing our entire IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis for more energy-efficient models. By equipping 80 work stations with smaller, more compact laptop technology, we have achieved up to 70% energy savings.
  • Previous 400 watt power supplies have been replaced with 65 watt power supplies for half of our work stations.
  • An automatic screen standby has been set up on all work stations as a standard.