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More than a stamping die

Decorating three-dimensional plastic parts requires not only a stamping die but also a jig. The jig supports the part and fixes it in the exact position, so that it does not shift, become deformed, or bend during the stamping process, ensuring an even application of pressure, resulting in outstanding stamping results.

Stamping die & jig
from a single source

Only when embossing die and jig are perfectly adapted to the part that's to be decorated can they deliver perfect embossing results. The construction of the jig and the die is based on the CAD data provided by the customer. It is not unusual though, that the part undergoes slight changes in the course of a project.

We offer both, stamping die and matching jig. This means possible adjustments during the project lie in one hand which accelerates the process. What is even more important, by this the adjustment of both tools is implemented reliably.

As part geometries become more complex, more construction experience is essential. Our team has perfected its knowledge of requirements and processes in many different industries over decades, and applies this knowledge to each individual customer order.

We offer a wide range of constructions for jigs. These range from the simplest version for manual fitting to complex designs with sensors to control part availability and correct end position, part clamping or ejection, and many other details.


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