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Not all silicone is alike

At H+M, we only use high-quality silicone blends for the production of stamping dies. Some of the silicone blends we offer are exclusive products developed specially for H+M alongside our suppliers. We process Shore hardnesses from 25 to 95 Shore-A.

High speed

In addition to standard silicones, we also have specialised blends for high-speed embossing. For outstanding embossing results, it is important that the silicone die maintains a consistent temperature. Due to the technology used, the stamping die drops in temperature during every embossing process. In high-speed applications, the die must go back to the optimal embossing temperature extremely fast. This is guaranteed withthis special silicone blend.

Application for
electronic components

During assembly of electronic components static charge needs to be minimized.

For stamping dies in these applications we use silicone blends with electro static dissipation capacities. This means the elimination or minimization of electrostatic charge on the surface.

Application in the
Food Industry

Although the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is a US governmental authority and has jurisdiction only within the United States, its principles and regulations are recognised as valid standards worldwide. Our silicone blends used for food industry applications correspond to the "positive list" for liquid food according to CFR 21 § 177.260, FDA „Rubber Articles Intended for Repeat Use“. 

To certify the stamping tool accordingly, the required tests need to be done with the final part. Upon request, we can arrange these tests for you.

Criteria such as the embossing process, the plastic to be used, and the motif are used to choose the best combination of silicone blend and Shore hardness. We can find the right solution for any application.