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Knowing what matters

Precision, speed, and quality: Each of these features is extremely important. However, setting the right priorities depending on the intended purpose is essential. Thanks to our many years of collaboration with major companies in many different industries, we know exactly when specific requirements will be essential. 

Silicone dies

Silicone dies from H+M guarantee striking embossing results from any embossing machine, vertical stamping or peripheral rolling processes.

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Silicone wheels

Silicone wheels and rollers are used in roll-on processes, to emboss flat or contoured parts.

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Silicone sheets

Silicone sheets are suitable for embossing raised surfaces, lettering, and webs. They are used in vertical embossing or peripheral rolling processes.

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Metal stamping dies

Designed for pplications for plastics with a high plasticity point, H+M manufactures metal stamping dies.

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