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If precision is key, then metal stamps are used on plastic products, for instance for volume marks on syringes. The only way to achieve the needed results is through high precision, with no deviations. Our precision metal dies are especially well-suited for plastic components with low tolerances, and plastics with a high plasticity point.

Metal dies

In particular if embossing should be recessed deep into the material, for instance when embossing scales on disposable syringes or rulers, then this takes increased embossing pressure that cannot be achieved with a silicone die.

The metal dies are made of steel or brass, depending on the application.

The specific qualities of a metal die are also used for plastics that cannot be embossed with silicone dies due to their high plasticity temperature.

In addition metal dies make it possible to achieve razor-sharp embossing on textured plastic surfaces.

H+M also offers stamping dies for specialised stamping processes, such as with the KURZ MM-6000 stamping machine for decorating credit cards and loyalty cards.