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Stamping process

Decorations can be applied on plastic parts using different stamping processes. Hinderer + Mühlich offers you precise, easy to use stamping tools, no matter which process you use.

Vertical stamping

Vertical stamping is the most commonly used embossing process for plastic parts. Decoration is applied via an up-and-down motion. The stamping die transfers the decoration using pressure and temperature. 

Vertical stamping is used primarily to decorate flat plastic parts or raised motifs.

Roll-On stamping

The stamping tool is designed as a silicone wheel which is continuously moved over the plastic part to be decorated. This rolling motion transfers the motif to the plastic part. This process is used to decorate large surfaces, continuous profiles, or raised designs.


In a peripheral rolling process, a round plastic part is unrolled over a flat stamping die. This process is used to decorate cylindrical and conical parts, such as sleeves, cans, or sealing caps.