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Our quality for your production

For many of our customers the winning formula is: stamping die, foil, machine - all from a single source.

Our specialists accompany you throughout the entire process – from the first CAD construction to the successful integration of our tools in your systems on site. But it’s not just international companies that place their trust in us: whatever the size of your project, we offer the ideal solution to fit your requirements.

Thanks to the networking within the KURZ Group, we form part of a unique team that has stood the test of time and continues to function reliably.

The advantages of this winning combination are clear: short coordination channels, tried and tested teamwork, and clear-cut responsibilities. In combination with stamping tools that guarantee minimum setup times and a reliable and continuously high quality in production.

More than just a stamping tool

Just like a Swiss Army knife is more than just a pocket knife, H+M is more than just a manufacturer of embossing tools. Customers who work with H+M receive more than just an embossing die or a jig:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Suggestion for part optimization
  • Customized design targeted to the requirements of your application
  • Application engineering
  • Production of sample parts, pilot series or small batches
  • Prototype jig for pre-production samples
  • High-performance silicone produced exclusively for H+M

H+M not only make stamping tools that offer the highest level of precision, but also provide the knowhow for getting the best, most efficient use out of them.
The expertise is of great benefit to our customers – in the consulting stage, during implementation on site and with every individual stamp thereafter.