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Packaging and lables are the face of your product. They communicate with the observer on an emotional level and tell a story. At best it is a story that leads to a sale. Visual content combined with haptic experience convey messages and provoke an immediate reaction of the customer.

As your innovative partner it is our goal to create individual solutions, which prevail at the point of sale. We know the technical challenges that can occur during production. This is why we test stamping dies in advance in our lab before shipping.

Our R & D department continuously optimises technologies and work flows. And by using our ties with the manufacturers of stamping machines, we can consult you 360 degrees. To ensure your packaging and labels are as unique as your brand.


Stamping ist one of the embellishment techniques that enrich the look and especially the feel of your packaging and give it a special note. There is almost no limitations to your phantasie, nothing seems impossible - and this for a variety of materials from paper to cardboard to wood. In particular it is about to leave a distinctive impression, with breathtaking effects.

Your advantages

We realize your ideas. But we already consult you in advance how the design can be layed out to achieve excellent stamping results in smooth production. And we develop with you the best solution, based on our long-standing experience in different industries.

Short setup times guarantee optimum use of your machine fleet. That's why H+M has developed efficiency tools such as JobSaver and EasyFix, that help you optimise your production.


Standing out in a stacked shelf is not difficult - at least not for us. It is our daily work. With sensational designs and innovative technologies we support you to get the toughest currency: a like! To turn observers into customers.

Your advantages

When working with H+M you receive precise stamping tools in perfection. This is especially important with combined stamping dies (blind embossing and foil stamping), as they can be found in a typical label production. All production steps integrate seemlessly. Setup times are decreased and service life increased

Every enterprise is looking for potential to improve and we help you with it. With on-premise training where we introduce you to state of the art stamping processes and point out potential to increase your efficiency.