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All purpose counter dies

Counter dies are used for counter pressure in blindembossing and relief stamping. H+M counter dies are optimally tailored to the stamping die, the embellished motif, and the substrate used. This guarantees short setup times and optimal embossing results.

H+M counter dies deliver outstanding precision, high temperature resistance, and a long service life.

Composite counter dies

Composite counter dies are the type most commonly used in modern stamping applications. Depending on the desgin and machine system, we will select the optimal composite material for your embossing project.

The master mould is stored at H+M after delivery of the counter die. This ensures we can produce replacement counter dies quickly that conform 100% with the initial delivery.

Flexible counter dies

Flexible counter dies are fastened to the impression cylinder in rotary or semi-rotary embossing processes. We will select the appropriate plastic material for the counter die, depending on the desgin and paper thickness.

Injection molded counter dies

Injection moulded counter dies offer very good abrasion resistance, and are highly flexible. They are most often used in Braille stamping.

Metal counter dies

We recommend metal counter dies for long running stamping jobs that require long tool live. They are primarily CNC engraved and made of brass.