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Time is money

Cycles of innovation are becoming faster. Customisation is reducing quantities per production run. Planning horizons are becoming shorter.

All of these factors in and of themselves, and especially in combination, mean that companies need to pursue every opportunity available to them to follow the latest developments. At Hinderer + Mühlich, we are always developing ways to help our customers work more efficiently.

EasyFix &

Embossing dies from Hinderer + Mühlich are highly precise right from the start, and generally require little make-ready. For more complex tasks, we offer setup systems that significantly shorten set-up time.

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EasyPin Set

The EasyPin counter die transfer technology guarantees the counter die will be perfectly positioned to the stamping die, with minimal effort.

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Insert dies

Exchangeable inserts make it possible to change individual areas of the design, without re-aligning the stamping die as such.

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What to conder in the artwork

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