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Design & Precision

Most purchasing decisions are made subconsciously and based on emotion. The impression a product makes on potential buyers is influenced by factors such as material, shape, colours, and, last but not least, surface feel. The options and processes hot stamping offers to address each of these individual factors are wide-ranging, as are the ideas that shape the design.

Designers can choose from a wide range of effects for blind embossing or hotstamping. Relief printing and embossing, patterns, textures, or special effects give the product an exceptionally high-value look. By combining effects, an almost endless array of design options is possible. 

H+M stamping dies are made of high-quality brass, and stand for:

  • maximum variety
  • easy handling
  • excellent precision
  • short setup times
  • long service life
  • 100% recyclable

Blind embossing
High-quality feel

Blind embossing requires no additional finishing materials, as the motif is embossed directly into the paper.

The result not only feels great, but creates an exclusive impression as well.

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Impressive details

Unusual designs like photo-realistic effects or brushed textures draw additional attention to your product.

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Light refraction effects

In MicroEmbossing, only the surface of the hot stamping foil is moulded, while the printing stock remains unchanged.

The light refraction then generates fascinating visual effects. 

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Texture embossing
Look & Feel

Embossing or debossing with a pattern moulds the material itself.

In combination with foil stamping impressive visual & tactile effects are created.

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Relief stamping
The third dimension

Relief is used to highlight individual elements or even an entire motif, making your product look even more exclusive.

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Flat stamping
Gloss adds contrast

As the basic stamping process with foil flat embossing adds an elegant touch to your products, without moulding the material.

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