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Relief, the third dimension

Highlight lettering, lines, ornaments, logos, etc. in one or more dimensions, and give your product a unique look. With or without the use of stamping foil.

Combination stamping can also be applied to match the existing print image, in order to additionally highlight parts of your motif with a tactile element.

Combined with MicroEmbossing, NanoEmbossing, or textures it provides you with even more design options to make your product unique.

Relief types

Depending on your design, varying relief types can be used to ensure optimal impact for your design.

Our specialists are happy to assist you in making your selection.

Download overview relief types

Stamping with a combo die

Using a combo die, the relief is created in the surface of the paper and the foil transfered at the same time. This cuts out a work step compared to flat embossing followed by blind embossing, and eliminates fit tolerances. The cutting edges of the embossing tool also give the embossing pronounced sharp edges.


If your design is transferred into a multi-level stamping die, different levels of detail are possible in the development process. We will work with you to create the level you prefer.
The image shows a design with different levels.

We can create a 3D preview for final approval before beginning production of the embossing die, so you have an idea how the die or stamping result of your motif will look.