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MicroEmbossing - play with light and shadow

Fine Patterns
Maximum impact

Extremely fine patterns on the stamping die change the surface of the hotfoil. When the product is viewed at different angles, the fascinating play of light and shadow creates a reflection that generates impressive visual effects.

The stamped material itself is not changed by this embossing technology.

Full-surface motifs can be easily covered with a wide range of delicate MicroEmbossing patterns.

You can embellish a single element in your design, or combine it with other stamping effects like flat stamping, NanoEmbossing, or relief.

Best results in MIcroEmbossing are achieved with coated materials, which have a smooth surface. 

Uncoated materials can also be used., depending on the type of material, the effect of the MicroEmbossing may not come through completely. For the sake of safety, we are glad to complete a test embossing on your original material before you order your motif.

Our standard catalogue already contains over 600 patterns and textures. And every day, we have new ideas for how to make our selection even larger for you.

Do you have a special design you want to create, instead of choosing from our catalogue? No problem! We will create it exclusively for you.

Contact us when you are planning your next project. To help you make your choice, we are happy to pre-select patterns and textures that meet your specifications.