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Textures = Look + Feel

Tactile effect
Visual Experience

Texture stamping creates an impressive tactile effect, which in combination with additional visual impact delivers unique results .

The embellished material is embossed or debossed by a texture engraved on the embossing die. This moulds the paper three-dimensionally.

Since the material is moulded, the back of the printed material is also changed. Take note when designing the back side.

Textures can be stamped both with or without a hotstamping foil. In combination with other types of stamping, like flat embossing or relief embossing, you can create a true work of art.

Textures create elegant, pronounced, or understated symmetrical or asymmetrical effects. Use it to add a refined accent to your products.

Texture stamping can be integrated as a stand-alone element in your design, or combined in the same stamping die with other embossing effects.

Our standard catalogue already contains over 600 patterns and textures. And every day, we have new ideas for how to make our selection even larger for you.

Do you have a special design you want to create, instead of choosing from our catalogue? No problem! We will create it exclusively for you.

Contact us when you are planning your next project. To help you make your choice, we are happy to pre-select patterns and textures that meet your specifications.