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Our creativity for your best appearance

E-books, Apps, YouTube. Product presentation and information is accessible in real time, and available at a mouse click. Many companies and creatives have realized that the digital world is only one of the touchpoints and emotions also need to be transported with the real product. So they choose to implement features that even the most innovative and fastest digital content will never be able to offer: Timeless feel and fascinating design effects.

Packaging, boxes, labels, greeting cards, magazines, books: Sophisticated hot stamping sets the stage for your product, and communicates with consumers on an emotional level that digital products can never match. We give your products the high-quality presentation they deserve. To generate the attention you desire.

Perfect precision
for maximum fascination

Our stamping dies create highly precise, impressive, and razor-sharp stamping results that will amaze anyone who sees, or feels them. We focus not only on achieving outstanding visual results, but also ensuring economical production. With our smart setup systems, which we are always reviewing and improving, we guarantee minimal setup times when you change embossing jobs. Our CNC-engraved stamping dies also offer one advantage normally seen only in digital products: they are 100% reproducible, over and over – without forfeiting their unique quality.

We want to continue growing, but above all we want to continue getting better. That is why we are always testing new stamping effects, tools and processes in our application engineering department. We continue to achieve results that inspire us, and inspire our customers as well.