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Demanding decoration

Our stamping dies are the perfect choice for embellishing plastics, and they won’t make a huge dent in your budget. In many cases, foil stamping is the most cost-effective solution for sophisticated decorations. That’s why it’s so popular.

Customers in a wide variety of sectors trust us with their projects and products – from mascara bottles to radiator grilles, credit cards to syringes, identification documents to vacuum cleaners. The high-class workmanship of H+M can be found in all areas of life, and gives products the character that makes them stand out.

Precision & Discretion

Accuracy of fit, dependability and on-time delivery are crucial in the automotive industry. We can ensure that we provide all of the above; having several production sites is a big help.

Our employees also know that the utmost discretion is extremely important when innovative parts are being used, for example to give new vehicle models their unique appearance.

Many chrome coatings on interior and exterior features and panels are now transferred onto plastic surfaces by hot stamping. Typical examples include radiator grills, decorative trims, air outlets and dashboards.

The silicone dies and jigs  from H+M guarantee edge definition and surface quality on the embellished surfaces.

More than just looks

The cosmetics industry is all about beauty, radiance and perfection. But other values are key when it comes to cosmetics production, in particular high speed and cost control.

The hot-stamping dies from H+M offer the best of both worlds. The high performance silicone we use in our stamping tools ensures that they reach their operating temperature as quickly as possible, thereby efficiently and reliably creating the high-quality product designs that consumers love.

Various silicone thicknesses allow for intricate peripheral stamping on cylindrical, conical and uneven parts such as lipstick cases or mascara bottles. Particularly delicate lettering and designs can be applied abrasion-resistant and permanently legible.

Household appliances
Where quality feels at home

Renowned manufacturers provide high-quality and long-lasting appliances for the home - and the same must be true of every part of the product.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that these manufacturers rely on H+M when they want their appliances to feature clearly legible, abrasion-resistant and durable lettering and markings to facilitate operation and handling.

Tool precision, high accuracy of fit and quick set-up times are crucial for ensuren that the frequent tool changes required for different models can be done fast and without any problem. H+M stamping tools are easy to use and guarantee minimum set-up times.

Medical supplies
Where precision is vital

When it comes to medication dosage, human health is at stake.

We are ready and willing to accept this responsibility. For example, we produce dies that stamp dosage divisions onto syringes. This is done with the greatest precision, avoiding even the slightest deviation.

Our precision metal dies are particularly well suited for plastic components with a low tolerance and for plastics with a high plastification temperature.

It’s no surprise that H+M's hot-stamping dies and jigs are used frequently for medical supplies and products that require abrasion-resistant and clearly legible lettering and markings.

Industrial products
Wide-ranging experience

Hot stamping has a number of advantages, as it produces long-lasting, scratch-resistant embellishments that require no post-treatment of the product.

This makes the process just as popular as it is diverse. It is used for a wide range of purposes from product identification and marking work equipment to decorating the surfaces of products such as safety helmets, stationery, or tool boxes.

Our experience grows with every product we work on. And we draw from this experience every time we offer our customers individual solutions from our wide range of services that perfectly match their requirements.