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Silicone dies

As diverse as requirements may be in embossing projects, H+M has a variety of answers to match. Different Shore hardnesses, silicone blends, or silicone thicknesses are just some of the options we offer.

Silicone dies from H+M are designed for high dimensional tolerance, and a long service life.

Flat silicone dies

Flat silicone dies are used to complete vertical embossing on flat surfaces. They are also used in peripheral embossing on cylindrical or conical parts such as lipstick holders or mascara bottles.

They are used to achieve optimal embossing results with extremely fine lettering and motifs.



Softbelly dies

In complex applications, H+M combines different kinds of silicone in one stamping die. One kind adjusts to the plastic part, while the other ensures the motif is embossed with razor sharpness.

Curved silicone dies

Curved silicone dies are used to emboss geometrically moulded parts. With concave, convex, or spherically curved designs, they are always precisely adapted to the shape of the workpiece.


The characteristics of the silicone layer on the stamping die is one key factor for achieving perfect embossing results. At H+M, we only use high-quality silicone blends. Some of these silicone blends have even been developed exclusively for H+M.

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