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Silicone wheels

Silicone wheels and rollers are used for decorating large areas. H+M wheels and rollers offer outstanding process reliability and quality for decorating large enclosed surfaces and raised contours.

Silicone wheels / rollers

The variety of Shore hardnesses and geometries available at H+M make silicone wheels the right embossing tool for a variety of embellishments. Such as decorating doors, furnishings, or embossing number plates, for instance. 

Silicone wheels
Special design

Wheels are manufactured in specialised designs for decorating conical or contoured plastic parts.

When choosing the ideal silicone coating, besides other factors we consider the surface geometry as well as any part tolerances.


The characteristics of the silicone layer on the stamping die is one key factor for achieving perfect embossing results. At H+M, we only use high-quality silicone blends. Some of these silicone blends have even been developed exclusively for H+M.

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